Our Mission/Vision with Partner Agreements:

Most lawyers are predators (whether with conscious intent or unconscious participation). Most legalese is useful only to that end - that the parties to the agreement are prey for the lawyers (billing by the hour simply to read, "interpret", "advise"), providing no real extra value to the contracting parties. In fact, they often cause damage by complicating matters unnecessarily, delaying start-up and often killing deals due to unimportant and/or unprincipled objections. Most honest lawyers would agree with this, generally speaking.

The real purpose of an agreement is to clarify the wants and needs of the parties represented in the agreement, and subsequently, articulate clearly the mutually beneficial trade or engagement that will satisfy those wants and needs. It is our firm belief that there is really no need for lawyers or legalese. This doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't have a lawyer review your agreements. We have a lawyer review all our contracts. But, we use them as advisors - not as decision makers.

In this spirit, find below our mutually beneficial, mutually represented, and mutually secured agreements, written in plain English.


Reciprocal Terms of Service

Credit Application Form

Privacy Policy


Terms of Service

Privacy Policy


Non-Disclosure Agreement

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