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We're a full-spectrum high-tech performance network.

We're the first of its kind.

Broad cutting-edge technology built on top of high-converting performance offers.

Our vision is to propel the performance space into an era of innovation and integrity.

Our mission is to deliver super high-tech tools, high-performing offers, and the support you need.

  • We are Performance Marketers.
  • We deliver quality leads to advertisers.
  • We provide quality offers to our publishers.
  • We build cutting-edge tech for our partners.

We are performance marketing leaders. We believe that online lead generation requires innovation to ensure growth and relevancy. We are constantly building new stuff, branching out into new spaces and establishing new opportunities for our partners.

Honesty, integrity and loyalty are what AdManager is all about. We continue to grow as a fiery technology and exclusive media company that innovates in the performance marketing space and beyond.

AdManager ensures quality over quantity in everything we do. We demand the best in technology, tools, offers, partners, advertisers and publishers. We work diligently every day to ensure that everything associated with AdManager is of the highest quality possible.

Never again waste a single dime on bad leads.

By utilizing the performance model you only pay for valuable leads.

Combining solid business principles with unwavering ethics allows us to deliver no-risk high quality leads, on-demand.

Performance Marketing = Guaranteed Results

With a performance model, your risk is limited, if not eliminated. You only pay for valid leads. From the beginning, you'll see high quality leads arriving at a pre-determined and profitable price point, guaranteeing that your revenues always exceed your marketing expenses.

Campaign Optimization

With decades of deep-level experience in online marketing, our team has built technology that will assist you with increasing your ROIs on new and current campaigns.

High Quality Traffic

Traffic on our network is monitored 24/7. We use fraud protection software, proprietary technology to detect fraudulent accounts, and human review to ensure compliance with placements and traffic. This ensures that the traffic sent to your campaigns is always the highest quality possible.

Real-time and Total Control

  • Rigid traffic pre-screening
  • Set your own budget
  • Real-time tracking
  • Virtual 24/7 Support

The network that invests in you.

Get the best offers. Guaranteed.

Get the best tools. Also guaranteed.

We provide our publishers with a multitude of features other networks simply don't offer. We understand that high converting offers are primary. However, we feel that there are countless other features that are essential to successfully running campaigns, and effectively managing your business. We constantly build and deliver these features to you. We invest in you.

Select Offers

The network provides only the highest paying, highest converting offers. No time wasted trying to determine which offers convert well.

Resource Center

We offer a wide array of tools, scripts, tutorials, videos, ebooks, and more, free!

We make sure you're paid on-time

We have paid on-time, every time; we have never missed a payment. Our 3-man finance team loves to make on-time payments and work tirelessly to ensure that happens.

Gateways, Widgets and Tools

No hassles setting up and managing multiple tools, gateways and widgets. We are perpetually on the cutting edge of ad technology, developing and deploying traffic solutions and campaign strategies to our publishers.


A Tool For Every Publisher

Our tools are unique and scalable.

We've built our network from the ground up to be stable and secure.

Have a look at some of our cool stuff:

External - Custom partner services:

  • Global Display Tool
  • Content & File Gateway
  • Social & Sharing Tools
  • Overlay, Pop & Exit Tools
  • Full Coverage Mobile Tools
  • Virtual Currency Solutions
  • Advanced Campaign Metrics

Internal - Custom network services

  • Proprietary Platform (allowing us the ability to add features without friction)
  • Auto-Offer Optimizer Algorithm (to optimize EPCs on campaigns)
  • Offer Analyzer and EPC Warning System (to ensure offer performance)
  • Detailed Performance Analytics (to determine areas of improvement)
  • Custom Offer System (to create high value lead gen offers on-the-fly)
  • Auto-provisioning Scalable Server Clusters (to handle all your traffic!)
  • Global Load Balancing Solution (for reliable and fast page loads)

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